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Lifestyle photographer in Caen, Normandie.

Lifestyle & family photography is capturing as simply and authentically as possible the way of life of a couple, a family or even our dear little heads. Tell their stories, their ways of being and thinking. It is putting a picture everyday because each day is unique and deserves to be immortalized. I realize family documentary reports. This practice comes from the United States. Called "Day in the Life Session", it consists of photographing your daily life in the long term. The photographer does not perform any staging. He does not intervene to guide the course of events. The photos are not asked. Children and parents live their lives as usual. It reveals authentic and sincere images. The beauty of an ordinary day is thus revealed. For all your life events, I put at your disposal my sensitivity and share with you a unique moment. 2h photo shoots or a full report on a day, for future parents who want to keep a memory of the long wait that is pregnancy, who want to stop the time during a new session or for the pleasure of get together with your family and keep in memory all these beautiful moments of complicity, you will be proposed. I am a pregnancy photographer, new born, family in Caen and I willingly move to Paris or in Brittany to meet you and have a good time so do not hesitate to contact me to learn more!

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