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photographe mariage paris

Wedding photographer in Paris, Caen, Normandy, Brittany, South of France, Corsica, France.

Moonrise photography aka Anaïs

«I have always been sensitive to what surrounds me: a taste of water flowing along a glass, a flag dancing in the wind, a couple who says" I love you "with the eyes , a sigh of relief ... Absolutely everything around me. That's why I would not call myself a traditional wedding photographer. Indeed, I think I have a real personality. I like to use in my reports this sensitivity that does not leave me. I'm specialized in marriage but I also do lifestyle sessions, "elopement", family reports, pregnancy photo shoot, newborn and all other "human" photographs. I am based in Normandy and I travel with great pleasure throughout France and even further. I have been moped a lot since I was 17, a bit in Paris, a lot in Guernsey, passionately in Australia and not at all in Japan (my dream wedding destination). I moved regularly in France too: a little in Toulouse, a lot in Caen, passionately in Brittany and not at all in the Alps (dream wedding destination). Travels that taught me so much about myself but also about others. In constant observation, I learned to give importance to details. An experience of life that, in addition to the birth of my daughter, made me realize my desire, my goal, my goal: to make my life every day. So six months after the birth of my marvel, Zoe, I officially launched the machine "Moonrise photography". Becoming a mother has been a turning point in my personal but professional life. Indeed, I had to be able to continue to take care as much as I wanted of my little family and that I could be free of my actions and my words. Added to this need of freedom, a passion for photography and especially for everyday life, a creativity that needs to express itself and a desire to narrate the image of beautiful stories. Here it is for all these reasons that I am completely a fan of my job! "

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